Bubbling Under

These aren’t quite ready to go on the main switching.social list, but are highly developed and well on their way.



An open source federated alternative to YouTube, PeerTube lets anyone set up their own video sharing site, or join an existing PeerTube site.

The owner of a particular PeerTube site can federate with other sites on the network so that visitors can access a greater selection of videos, and if a video goes viral the federated sites can share the load.

There are already lots of PeerTube sites out there, but it is still in development and there isn’t much content on the sites yet.

WEBSITE – PeerTube



An open source federated alternative to Instagram, PixelFed is a photo-oriented social network.

It’s still in testing on a single instance, but once it’s ready anyone will be able to set up their own PixelFed site and federate with other PixelFed sites, and also federate with other social networks based on the ActivityPub standard (such as Mastodon).

WEBSITE – PixelFed

TEST SITE – PixelFed.social (NOTE: registration is only open for part of the day, other times will produce an error message)


Purism Librem Five

Purism’s Librem 5 is a new kind of smartphone which runs entirely on open source software and includes lots of features to protect the user’s privacy (including physical off-switches for the camera, microphone, wifi etc).

Purism are already known for making high end privacy-oriented Linux laptops, and this will be their first phone.

It’s currently due for release in January 2019. More details and pre-ordering from the link below.

WEBSITE – Librem 5



GetTogether is an ethical open source alternative to Meetup.com. It is currently still under development so there aren’t many events listed, but you can take a look or post your own events on the first GetTogether site below. The release version will be federated so that communities can set up their own sites that are part of the larger network.

FIRST SITE – GetTogether.community



Funkwhale is an open source federated version of Grooveshark or SoundCloud, which lets you easily discover and share music online through a music-oriented social network. It’s still being developed, but you can try it out at one of the “whales” listed on the official site below.

WEBSITE – Funkwhale


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