Ethical alternatives to Chrome and Internet Explorer/Edge


The most popular open source web browser, Firefox is non-commercial, free and maintained by volunteers.

ANDROID APP Firefox Browser

iPHONE APP – Firefox Browser

WINDOWS / MAC / LINUX APP – Firefox Browser


Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin

These aren’t web browsers themselves, but complementary open source add-ons that you can install on any major browser to help protect your privacy online. It’s recommended that you install both if you can.

Privacy Badger gradually learns which sites are trying to track you and blocks them, while uBlock Origin blocks particular sites and ads based on built-in pre-written lists. If you’re an advanced user, you can also manually add more lists to block in uBlock Origin.

(Note that there’s another add-on called simply “uBlock” which is NOT recommended.)

PRIVACY BADGER – Official Website

uBLOCK ORIGIN – uBlock Origin for Firefox, uBlock Origin for Google Chrome, uBlock Origin for Microsoft Edge, uBlock Origin for Opera


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