Ethical alternatives to Google Search


The most popular and easiest to use privacy-conscious search engine, DuckDuckGo is funded by advertising but does not track its users. It is based in the USA.

You can search through the website just like you would on Google, and there are phone apps available that provide additional protection when browsing the web. You can also set your web browser to use DuckDuckGo as its default search engine.

WEBSITE – DuckDuckGo

ANDROID APP DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

iPHONE APP – DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser



A private search engine based in Europe (and subject to EU privacy laws) which does not track its users.

The search results come from Findx’s own index of the web, along with map results from OpenStreetMap. There are also Findx apps for Android and iPhone.



iPHONE APP – Findx



Searx is an open source “metasearch” engine, which searches several other search engines without telling them anything about you. There are many sites that run Searx, you can use any of them (or if you’re technically minded you can even start your own site).



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