Ethical alternatives to Medium

Write Freely

Write Freely is a blogging service like Medium where the focus is on the text itself, with a clean uncluttered aesthetic.

The site is libre and extremely privacy-friendly, collecting the absolute minimum amount of information needed for it to work.

Write Freely has just started federating using the ActivityPub standard, so you can follow Write Freely blogs through a Mastodon account.

WHERE TO SIGN,,, LOG.Rocks and many others



MANAGED HOSTING (if you want to start your own Write Freely instance without any technical knowledge) – Write Freely Hosting



A libre federated blogging platform, Plume lets you create a blog which can be followed from Mastodon and other social networks powered by the ActivityPub standard.

WHERE TO SIGN, and many others


ActivityPub for WordPress

If you run a blog powered by WordPress, you can add a plugin that make it federate with Mastodon and other social networks that use the ActivityPub standard.

There are currently a couple of plugins available, one simply called “ActivityPub” and another called “Pterotype”.

PLUGINSActivityPub, Pterotype


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