Alternatives to the Internet

You may be reading the title of this page and thinking this is a crazy topic!

However, many cannot easily access the internet, perhaps because of geography, economics or political problems. People without a reliable connection may be denied important resources which are only available online.

While nothing can replace the internet completely, there are ways to make offline life easier.



Kiwix is an app that lets you browse educational resources (such as Wikipedia, Stack Exchange, Wiktionary etc.) without an internet connection.

You install the app and download the content you want from the Kiwix website. You can then browse and search the content without an internet connection, because Kiwix content files are huge and include entire websites and search indexes instead of just pages. For example, some sailors download the whole of Wikipedia for Kiwix while at port so they can read it while at sea.

Kiwix content can also be sent through the post on a memory stick, or physically carried to remote regions. In short, it makes the internet more like a set of books that can be taken to places without the internet.

Kiwix is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone/iPad. You can see a list of available content on the official website.





(TECHNICAL STUFF: If you’re an author or publisher who wants to make a wiki-based site available to Kiwix readers, you can find technical details on how to create Kiwix-compatible .zim files here.)


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